Europan Lerum


The competition area is situated at a scenic spot in southern part of central Lerum, with
overlooking Lake Aspen in the west and close to Säveån .
The area has the potential to be a link with and connect with the rest of the urban regions.
Another of the site’s strengths is that it is in the middle of a string of urban
Features och places for recreational activities, from a campsite in the south to Aludden
conference center and soccer field in the north.
Our vision for the competition area is to create a mixed urban extension of Lerum.
We want to create a structure that can accommodate mixed activities and accommodation
of different scales and typologies, but with retained architectural homogeneity.
Nature Methods, density, neighborhood feel and ecological sustainability
are core values. Proximity to Aspen and its scenic surroundings enables
that the area is transformed into a highly attractive living environment.